The Importance of Creating Polished Presentations

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. This is true, at least, in the case of manuals or documents you wish to present at a conference, business meeting, or school. A polished presentation exudes professionalism and confidence. It can elevate your delivery from every day to excellent and set it apart from any potential competition.

We all know that first impressions are essential, and if you make a good one with the presentation you are distributing to co-workers or superiors, it goes a long way to reinforcing the quality of the material contained within. At Copy Experts, our binding services in New York City are trusted by many corporate customers to produce documents of the highest quality.

When you decide to have your presentation bound for easy distribution and accessibility, make sure you take the time to choose the right binding for your needs.

Velo bindings are suitable for documents that need to be held together for security reasons and are often chosen by governments and law offices for that reason.

Coil bindings are flexible, relatively inexpensive, and are useful for documents up to 450 pages. They allow the presentation to lay flat for easy reading.

Comb bindings are affordable and allow you to open the document to add or remove pages easily. They also enable the material to lay flat.


Mailbox Rental Keeps Your Mail More Secure

Although various means of electronic communication have entrenched themselves in modern interactions, there is still a place for regular postal mail. If you live a busy life, the place for your regular mail is at a company such as Copy Experts. We provide mailbox rental in Manhattan and in this post will discuss how a rental box is useful for keeping your letters more secure than other options.

A rental box at a commercial location has a higher level of security because most of these businesses are open for extended hours as compared to other postal service outlets. This means that there are more people on the premises to avoid any risk of someone tampering with your mailbox or its contents. Longer store hours also provide you with ease of access when you want to pick up your mail.

If you are out of town for a while and can’t get your mail, a mailbox rental in Manhattan offers the security of being able to hold your correspondence for you. In that case, you don’t have to worry about mail building up in an unattended box or piling up by your apartment door.

Using such a service can also save you unnecessary trips to check your box as all you need to do is call the company and see if you have any mail.

business cards on a wooden background

The Benefits of Personalized Business Cards

As a professional, you have a lot to offer. Your business card should say as much. At Copy Experts, we think so, too–it’s one of the reasons we offer custom printing services in the Upper West Side. Same-day turnaround and recycled paper options have made us one of the leading business card providers in the area.

No matter what your industry, it’s always a good idea to have a business card to hand out to potential clients. Though business cards may seem antiquated, the truth is that there’s no simpler way to ensure the other party has all your contact information. It’s far easier to give someone a business card than to ask for their information and fumble for pen and paper. Plus, a business card gives you a chance to win a customer over.

Creating a unique business card is very much an art. Depending on your personality and the nature of your work, there are countless designs, colors, and fonts from which to choose. We encourage you to discuss your goals with a member of our team, who will be happy to showcase options available from our shop. You can choose from instant color and even lithographic cards.

close up of a passport

Get Ready to Travel by Getting Your Passport Photo at Copy Experts

Getting your passport is an exciting process. However, it can also be a tedious one–but only if you’re unfamiliar with the guidelines passport applicants are obligated to follow. Passport photos must be taken according to strict guidelines set forth by the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

The good news is that the team at Copy Experts can help you get proper passport photos in the Upper West Side. We’re familiar with the guidelines and when we take your photo, we’ll ensure the finished product complies fully. Here are a few things you should know before having your passport photos taken.

  1. You can’t wear your glasses. Yes, even if you wear glasses as part of your everyday attire, your face must remain totally unobscured in your photos. In a similar vein, do not wear a hat or other kind of head covering (unless it is religious in nature and you’ve submitted a statement clarifying as much).
  2. Try not to smile. It’s natural to flash your teeth for any photo, but refrain from doing so in passport photos. Instead, keep your expression as neutral as possible.
  3. Don’t dress up. You should wear clothes worn on an everyday basis. This means no uniforms.
large format printing upper west side ny

Get High-Quality Blueprints on the Upper West Side

Blueprints need to be clean, clear, and big enough to follow if they are going to be an effective tool in a construction project. While it might seem like an easy enough request, once you go looking for a way to actually get blueprints off of a computer and onto paper, you might find that it is a bit more challenging than first considered.

The key to getting blueprints printed in a satisfactory manner is to work with someone trained on large format printing in the Upper West Side, NY. This is someone who will have the technology and tools necessary to not only ensure that anything printed out is a clean and clear image, but that no fidelity is lost as the image is printed out on a bigger sheet of paper than what you would find from most other printers.

With a professionally printed blueprint in your hands, you will find it much easier to avoid potential construction mistakes that could turn a dream project into a nightmare. As the directions of an entire project, you need to know that there are no issues following them. The right printing services delivers that peace of mind to you. Contact Copy Experts today for more information about our large format printing services.

woman checking her mail

Why You Should Take Advantage of Mailbox Rental in Manhattan

When it comes to getting your mail quickly, safely, and easily, few things are as helpful as a mailbox rental in Manhattan, NY. For a nominal fee, these rentals enable people to enjoy the benefits of having a permanent address while also ensuring they have the privacy they need if they don’t want individuals knowing their personal or home address.

Don’t feel safe leaving your mail outside? That is another reason to consider a mailbox rental. Since these mailboxes are located inside of a business or post office, they are securely monitored. This helps to avoid the potential theft of important letters or packages that might otherwise be vulnerable.

With people across the city getting more and more mail and packages delivered each and every day, it is a smart idea to do something to keep you or your business protected from the potential of theft or fraud. A simple mailbox rental can do a lot towards reducing your vulnerability so that you don’t have to worry about missing mail or who has your address. This is especially helpful when you live in such a populated, busy area such as Manhattan.

When you rent a mailbox from Copy Experts, you enjoy the benefits that come with a Broadway address. Contact us today for more information.

Create an Effective Promotion with Poster Printing in Manhattan

poster printing manhattanWhile businesses are continuously pressured to present their messages digitally, the truth is, traditional forms of promotional marketing remain highly effective. Case in point: printed advertisements tend to be more engaging than their digital counterparts, which are typically glanced over in about 15 seconds — if they’re noticed at all. When consumers come upon something tangible, they’re much more likely to remember the message and act on it.

In this digital age, the benefits and impact of printed products can’t be understated. More and more, businesses are capturing their audience’s attention with physical advertisements via poster printing in Manhattan. Posters allow enterprises, groups, or individuals to secure highly visible spots for repeat exposures to your company event and improved brand recognition that few other advertising mediums replicate.

They offer 24/7 accessibility. While newspaper subscribers recycle or throw out the paper after a single reading, a poster could stay up for days, weeks, months, or even longer depending on the timeliness of the event. In addition, their various printing, laminating, and mounting options give advertisers the ability to create quality prints that call attention to the promotion.

Call Copy Experts at (212) 875-0948 for high-quality poster printing services that increase awareness of your event or promotion.

See the Big Picture with Large Format Printing on the Upper West Side

construction worker looking at a blueprintIn this modernized day and age, there’s a great deal of pressure on businesses to go completely digital. Thanks to technological advances, it’s equally affordable and convenient to have a digital copy and backup of everything. However, when you have to communicate details about a construction project, it’s important to have a hard copy readily available.

When contractors and clients can hold and read something tangible, they’re more likely to gain a clear understanding of the big picture. That’s why so many local businesses are finding success with large format printing on the Upper West Side. High-quality engineering prints and blueprints are easy-to-read alternatives for sharing ideas when a high volume of copies is required.

Depict the finer points of a design without worrying about inaccuracies during reproduction. The crisp, colored or white paper of engineering prints of CAD drawings, floorplans, and other engineering prints makes every detail stand out, accurately displaying graphics and lines that architects and builders look for.

Copy Experts can make full-sized copies of your blueprints, engineering designs, maps, and more as well as provide quality color scanning services for your project. Give your next build a foundation for success by calling us at (212) 875-0948.

Why to Invest in Binding Services in New York City

coworkers looking over business proposalBefore you submit your business proposals, make sure you make them look as polished as possible. Though it might seem like a small step that isn’t directly related to the content of your documents, professional binding services in New York City add a touch of polish that can make a difference to the eventual reader. What makes this step essential when you want to impress with your proposals?

Put simply, it shows attention to detail that marks you as a consummate professional. Also useful for course packages and in-depth reports, quality binding keeps your work together efficiently and shows that you care about the level of confidence you exude. Plus, it adds practical protection for the documents themselves.

The last thing you want when you submit an important proposal that took a great deal of your time is to lose a page because of unsecured binding. With a professional’s touch, you won’t have to worry about crucial information blowing away with a gust of wind or falling lose during a busy commute. With the assurance that your work is professional-looking and protected, you can focus on what matters most: making your key point clear as you proceed to dazzle investors, employees, and other audiences.

What a Notary Public on the Upper West Side Can Do for You

notary public upper west sideBefore you can sign many important business documents, you’ll need a notary public on the Upper West Side. Copy Experts is the only notary public on the Upper West Side that is open 7 days a week and has extended business hours. Moreover, our traveling notary staff can come to your office or home for added convenience.

If you’re used to the technical and legal side of your company, you’ve probably encountered these professionals before. Even so, many people don’t know they need a notary until they’re already dealing with a high-pressure situation. Knowing what services they can provide for your business allows you to anticipate when you might need one — saving time and ensuring that you meet deadlines without worry.

So, what can a notary do? Essentially, they verify that someone signing a document is who they say they are, isn’t acting under duress, and has enough awareness to understand the contents of the document in question. These can include:

  • Loan Papers
  • Car Titles
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Business Agreements & Contracts

In short, any time you need to sign something legally binding, a notary might be required. Even if notarization isn’t technically requested, it adds a layer of additional protection in the event of a conflict. These professionals assist with a wide range of situations, but the core benefit of hiring one is always the same — you safeguard yourself and your business against potentially devastating challenges to your rights.