The Difference Between Velo, Coil, and Comb Binding Services in New York City

A binding is a binding, and it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Right? Well, when you’re looking for a method that presents your product in a skillful and easy-to-use manner, then it pays to know the difference.

There are many binding services in New York City, but with Copy Experts, you are going to get stellar work no matter which product you choose. As part of our service to you, we’ve decided to discuss here the differences between Velo, coil, and comb binding.

Let’s take some time to look at Velo binding first. Since coil and comb bindings are similar in appearance and may be confused by consumers, we’ll look at them later in this post.

Velo binding is often the choice of governments and law offices for security reasons. In this process, holes are punched in the document, and the pages held together with a binding strip and rivets that are melted into place. This prevents pages from being removed easily. Velo bound documents don’t lay flat which is good for items that should not be copied.

These bindings are very durable and provide a professional-looking product. It is also the only type of document binding that can handle products up to three inches thick.

Coils and Combs

That should give you a firm grasp on Velo binding and why it might be right for you. Now, let’s turn our attention to coil and comb binding services in New York City.

Coil binding is very flexible and a smart choice for documents that will be handled frequently or shipped through the mail because the binding easily retains its shape. It is effective for thicknesses from a few pages up to 450 pages and comes in custom lengths. Finally, these bindings are a relatively inexpensive option.

Now, let’s turn the page so to speak, and look at coil bindings.

Keeping with the price theme, comb binding is the most affordable option from binding services in New York City. It’s also very functional as you can easily open the binding to add or remove pages without damaging the comb.

Both combs and coils are available in a variety of colors and allow the document to lay flat, which is very handy.

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