close up of a passport

Get Ready to Travel by Getting Your Passport Photo at Copy Experts

Getting your passport is an exciting process. However, it can also be a tedious one–but only if you’re unfamiliar with the guidelines passport applicants are obligated to follow. Passport photos must be taken according to strict guidelines set forth by the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

The good news is that the team at Copy Experts can help you get proper passport photos in the Upper West Side. We’re familiar with the guidelines and when we take your photo, we’ll ensure the finished product complies fully. Here are a few things you should know before having your passport photos taken.

  1. You can’t wear your glasses. Yes, even if you wear glasses as part of your everyday attire, your face must remain totally unobscured in your photos. In a similar vein, do not wear a hat or other kind of head covering (unless it is religious in nature and you’ve submitted a statement clarifying as much).
  2. Try not to smile. It’s natural to flash your teeth for any photo, but refrain from doing so in passport photos. Instead, keep your expression as neutral as possible.
  3. Don’t dress up. You should wear clothes worn on an everyday basis. This means no uniforms.